Wind Energy in Rhode Island

Rhode Island enjoys an excellent wind resource - the most efficient source of power available. Wind energy reduces fossil fuel use and stabilizes energy costs, whether produced on site or purchased from a utility.

We Are Changing Energy in Rhode Island

Our state can be fueled by green energy and we're working to get there. We want you to get involed and here's how:

Giving Back

Wind Energy Development, LLC is very passionate about teaching the community about renewable energy and helping Rhode Island reduce carbon emissions. Discover our commitment to education and community involvement.

For Land/Owner Farmers

Part of our mission is to help keep Rhode Island farmers in business and preserve open space. Our goal is to work with farmers and landowners with undeveloped land across the state who are interested in having individual wind turbines constructed on their property.

Our Mission

We work with Rhode Island communities and public entities to plan and construct wind turbines, which deliver clean, reliable and inexpensive power. Our aim is to help Rhode Island in transforming and diversifying its energy portfolio in coming years.

Our Technology

We utilize the most advanced and cost efficient wind power technologies. We spend a lot of time researching various manufacturers looking for one that was widely deployed, well-constructed and backed by a solid warranty.  After years researching the various technologies we found our solution. Read more on our Technologies page.

Wind is For Everybody

Wind power has applications for home, business, and utility use. Utility-scale wind farms are highly efficient and more economical than small-scale wind. They require less land than solar to produce the same amount of energy.

  • yellow-right-arrow Cost-competitive, clean source of power
  • yellow-right-arrow Can meet up to 25% of electricity needs in Rhode Island
  • yellow-right-arrow Community wind: enjoy the benefits of wind power and net metering without your own turbine
Learn About Wind Power

Wind is among the healthiest of all renewable electricity generation sources and all experts agree on the negative health impact of air pollution from burning fossil fuels.
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