The Benefits of Clean Energy

Discover the benefits of clean, renewable wind energy! Click on a circle on the interactive image below to learn about wind power.

Although invisible, wind does more than you realize. It helps to cool us on a hot sunny day, power the sails of our boats, fly our children’s kites and helps the beautiful flowers of our garden grow. But did you know it can also improve our world’s environmental security by helping to protect its beauty and enhance the quality of air we breathe when used as the power source for homes and businesses? Wind as a source of power also stabilizes the state’s energy supply, limiting the amount of imported energy resources into the state.


  • Wind energy is a sustainable, non-polluting, free, renewable resource
  • WED works with farmers and landowners to preserve farmland and open space
  • Reduce carbon emissions.  Each turbine creates produces enough wind energy to offset 2,108 metric tons of CO2, the equivalent of:
    • more than 445 cars being taken off the road
    • 2,249,786 pounds of coal burned
    • 223 homes’ energy use for one year
    • 5,052,936 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle
    • 1,996 acres of US forests in one year
    • 237,237 gallons of gasoline consumed

Social/Governmental Impact:

  • Save farmland and open space by paying farmers to lease property vs sell it for development
  • Promotes energy security by generating electricity locally
  • Reduces transmission and distribution costs

Economic Benefits:

  • Reduce energy costs for municipal and state entities
  • Provides a hedge against future price volatility
  • Generate in-state investment and economic activity
  • Pays host municipalities a Payment in Lieu of Taxes
  • Cost effective


In addition according to the Wind Energy Association turbines have the following benefits in RI:

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