Wind Energy Development works with Rhode Island communities and public entities to plan and construct wind turbines, delivering clean, reliable and inexpensive power. Our aim is to help Rhode Island transform and diversify its energy portfolio for years to come.  We spend a lot of time researching various manufacturers looking for one that was widely deployed, well-constructed and backed by a solid warranty.  After years researching the various technologies we found Vensys, a German manufacturer that offered a compatible direct dive turbine. Vensys offers cutting edge technology that will advance distributed generation opportunities for wind energy.

The replacement of a traditional gearbox with a direct drive permanent magnet results in a robust product with numerous benefits. Gearboxes are the most common point of failure in wind turbines and the source of most noise. The Vensys technology requires fewer components, reduces wear and produces more electricity. With more than 12,200 of their turbines installed worldwide the technology is a leader for large wind turbines. Examples of similar wind turbine technology can be seen at the Narragansett Bay Commission site in Providence and in North Kingstown at the CEO of WED’s house.

A gearless VENSYS wind turbine

Direct Drive

  • The Direct Drive technology allows for the rotating speed of the rotor to be transferred directly to the multipolar generator dispensing with the need for a high-maintenance gearbox that is susceptible to wear.

Permanent Magnet Technology

  • Permanent magnets are fixed to the rotating part of the generator, through this process power is saved and available as additional energy yield.

Full Power Converter System

  • This system contains components that comply with requirements and regulations of grid operations worldwide.

Pitch System

  • The planted blade pitch system includes triple redundancy
  • A special feature is the proven toothed belt drive which is lubrication free and minimizes maintenance.

Air Cooling

  • The passive air cooling system is simple and robust at the same time.
  • Clean air flows through the stator winding and dissipates the heat where the highest temperatures occur.

For more information regarding Vensys please refer to their website: