Our Partners

Wind Energy Development, LLC has a network of dedicated partners, each bringing their own special expertise and contribution. Through these businesses and agencies we are able to realize our development and operational goals.


Vensys Energy AG

Vensys Energy AG (“Vensys”) is a leading manufacturer of gearless wind turbines in the megawatt and multi-megawatt class. More than 12,200 VENSYS wind turbines totaling over 19,200 MW have already been connected to the grid worldwide. It is their technological features that make the Vensys wind turbines second to none: Gearless, with permanent magnet-excited multi-pole generators, grid-friendly VENSYS converter systems and innovative, low-wear toothed belt drives for the blade pitch system.

VENSYS wind turbines deliver reliable energy thanks to their technological innovation, high efficiency, compact design, robustness and low maintenance requirements. All over the globe and even under the most different climatic conditions. VENSYS wind turbines are on the grid where it matters most: in the important growth markets for wind energy in China, India, Canada, the USA, Germany, Poland, Portugal and Brazil. And there is more to come. With new wind parks in Ecuador, Egypt, Cyprus, Sri Lanka and Australia.

Website www.vensys.de/energy-en/


Power Engineers

Power Engineers, LLC (“Power Engineers”) is an Engineering, Design and Consulting Company, founded in Massachusetts in 2004, specializing in Electric Utility and commercial/industrial power systems from low-voltage up through 115,000 Volts. The company assists a variety of clients like utilities, colleges, commercial/industrial and the insurance industry.

Power Engineers was formed by professional engineers with experience in high and medium voltage electric utility systems to serve small and large utilities, colleges and industrial & commercial facilities throughout New England and the eastern United States. Having experience working for large and small firms allows us to provide a unique professional service to their clients.

Website powerengineersllc.com


Geisser Engineering

Geisser Engineering Corporation provides consulting services in structural design, site design and geotechnical design as well as testing construction materials such as soil, concrete and steel. Additionally, their office provides field technicians who inspect construction on all levels. They have been in business since 1953, and have been performing independent geotechnical explorations since the foundation of our subsidiary, Allstate Drilling, in 1955.

Geisser Engineering Corporations design work has ventured into structures as diverse as dams, high-rises, warehouses, asphalt silos, large wind turbines, and residential homes. They have steadily performed structural and geotechnical analyses throughout the years.

Website www.geisserengineering.com


Handy Law LLC

Seth Handy has more than 20 years of experience in energy, environmental, real estate, and litigation matters. He assists municipal collaboratives on energy planning and implementation, has helped close real estate and financing transactions for a range of sectors, and handles litigation matters including environmental and construction cases.

Website www.handylawllc.com


Orson & Brusini

Orson and Brusini strive to be the very best at representing small to mid-size businesses and business owners by providing proactive, interactive, highly responsive, creative, solution-based and cost effective representation regarding the many issues that businesses and business owners face. From choice of entity through formation, from day-to-day maintenance through mergers and acquisitions, and from winding down to dissolution, Orson and Brusini Ltd. assist businesses of all sizes and types in a wide variety of industries. The firm has a wealth of experience in dealing with corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships and sole proprietorships.

Website www.orsonandbrusini.com