For Farmers and Landowners

Part of our mission is to help keep Rhode Island farmers in business and preserve open space.

Our goal is to work with farmers and landowners with undeveloped land across the state who are interested in having individual wind turbines constructed on their property. The lease agreements we enter into provide them with substantial annual income that allows them to keep farming or keep large tracts of land in the family.  The small portion of land that a turbine requires, just 400 sq/ft, allows for farmers to farm underneath the turbine or keep it undeveloped.

Farming is a labor intensive industry that when coupled with economic limitations can make maintaining operations difficult at times. Our initiative provides farmers with monetary incentive to stay in business well into the future. Farmers are an incredibly important asset to the Rhode Island economy that we cannot afford to lose.

Rhode Island has aggressive goals that require the utility to procuring a portion of their energy from renewable energy through the renewable portfolio standards (RPS). In addition, there is a remote net metering policy that allows state and municipal entities to invest in wind turbines located away from their existing facilities and receive credit from the utility for the energy generated.

Unfortunately, not all sites are equally suited to hosting a wind turbine. A member of our team is able to meet with you, walk the property and determine proximity to the utility interconnection point, impact on any neighboring properties, wetland or other environmental considerations and topography considerations.

To determine whether your property is suitable for a wind turbine or if you have any questions about hosting a wind turbine, contact us.

Download our infographic on leasing land for renewable energy:

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